As two sisters growing up with a professional tennis player for a mom and a workout enthusiast for a dad, Amanda and Ashley cultivated a passion for fitness from a very young age. Ashley, the older sister, went on to become the captain of her Division II collegiate tennis team and Amanda, the younger sister, played club tennis at a Division I college.

It wasn’t until their collegiate-organized sports ended and they started working at the same corporate company in 2019 that they started working out together almost every day. As coworkers begun asking for workouts and meal ideas, Amanda and Ashley created Rosey Times Two as a way to share their fitness and health tips.

After trying a multitude of different workout programs, ranging from strength-only programs to cardio-only programs, and constantly finding themselves both injured and unhappy with the results, the two began programming their own workouts that helped them reach their personal goals - build muscle, burn fat, and create a sustainable routine.

Amanda and Ashley became ISSA-certified personal trainers, launched their first PDF-only workout program in 2020, and immediately knew they had created something special. Now with over 200,000 women following along on their fitness journey, Rosey Times Two has solidified themselves in the fitness industry as the gold standard of workout programs.


Build and Burn is the custom-created workout split of 2 strength workouts plus 2 high intensity workouts per week in just 30-minutes per workout.

After years of creating PDF-only programs with sporadic live workouts through Instagram, the number one requested component was to add follow-along to the programs. Build and Burn has been transformed into both an app and a website that offers weekly workout plans PLUS an on-demand, video library to help you curate your perfect routine!