Building a Home Gym

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Here is just about everything we have in our new & improved garage gym studio. Though I do go to the occasional workout class, I don’t miss have a gym membership AT ALL because we pretty much have everything we could ever want right in our garage.


  • Squat rack - Highly recommend investing in a quality squat rack for safety reasons.

  • Bumper plates – We have a combination of bumper plates we bought from a closed down CrossFit Gym & brand new ones from Rogue

  • Dumbbell set: There are a ton of different sets on Amazon, we have 5lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 20lb & 25lb dumbbells

  • Kettlebells – Again, we have a combination of used kettlebells and kettlebells from Rogue. We have 13lb, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb, and 65lb pairs  


  • Floor mats – I purchased horse stall mats (yes, like the ones used in a barn to hold a 2,000 lb horse!). They work great and can be more cost effective and sturdy than true gym mats. We have the 3/4” thickness.

  • Floor mats (Amazon) - They do sell floor mats on Amazon, but you’re going to pay more. A good option if you don’t have a local option available.

  • Stakt mats - We love these workout mats. More of an investment but they have lasted us 6+ months so far.

  • Workout mats for smaller spaces


  • Towels - These are our favorite towels for working out. So soft & come in a ton of colors!

  • Interval clock - Amanda got this for me for Christmas. It works well, not the most intuitive interface but it does its job.

  • Pot for plant - Love the look of this concrete pot. We have the 11.6” diameter.

  • Traveler’s palm - This would look great in a house too, not just a garage gym. We have the 7’ tall plant.

  • Bands - We love these!

  • Cube storage shelf - Have this in our nursery also and it’s great!

  • Cube storage baskets - Also have these in our nursey - cute and functional.

  • Standing mirror - We have the 72” x 32” size. This mirror stands on it’s own.

  • Wood box - We have the 16” x 20” x 24” size.

  • Wood wall - We have to order 3 of these to fill our half wall.

ORGANIZATION (this is from the old version of our garage gym - I’d still recommend these items, we just don’t have a need for them right now)

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