Ashley’s Morning Routine

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If you have ever listened to the Skinny Confidential podcast, you know that Lauren Bosstick is obsessed with learning about other people’s morning routines. I, too, love hearing how other people like to start their day (mostly because I’m nosy, but also I like to see if there are any good habits I can work to incorporate into my morning). While I think giving yourself some grace and knowing that not every single morning is going to go according to plan (especially I would imagine if you have kids!), I do think it is important to try and implement some semblance of a routine during the work week. Here’s what has been working for me lately:


6:45am – My alarm goes off + I immediately grab my phone to start scrolling through Instagram (oof – writing it down makes me realize I NEED to make it a goal to quit this first thing in the morning, it is such a habit though!)

7:00am – Get out of bed & get dressed for my workout

7:05am – Pour my LMNT Electrolytes in my water bottle for my workout

7:10am – Start warming up for workout + finish workout by 8:00am

8:00am – One-mile walk with the pup

8:15am – Start breakfast (usually toast, eggs + fruit) and take morning supplements (Zyrtec for allergies, Level-Up Nutra Fortified Collagen in my coffee, Best Nest Wellness Mamabird Prenatal+ VitaminBest Nest Wellness Probiotic

8:30am – Get ready for the day!

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